Our Story

Imbue: To inspire or permeate with feeling or emotion.

Maybe it’s the scent of sea grass or sun-bleached driftwood that takes you back to a magical childhood summer. Or the crisp alpine air and the feeling of anticipation as you position your skis for a descent.

Each of us has personal, powerful scent memories that evoke special times and places. And sometimes a little reminder of those moments is just what we need.

That was the inspiration for Imbue Goods founders Matt Coles, Kinney Craig and Tara Rimmer. 

For Kinney it’s about being out on the water - salty sea air, warm reflection of the sun, lapping of the waves.

For Matt it’s about being in the mountains - fresh mountain air, the wind in his face and the beauty of nature whether he’s trail running, mountain biking or skiing.

Add Tara, whose lifelong love of essential oils and aromatherapy has made her well-versed in the art of beautiful scents. And that’s Imbue Goods.

Whatever your special scent memory, our all-natural products will benefit your skin and imbue your day with a little respite. Take a break, take a breath… and experience Imbue.

The Imbue Goods Team

Matt Coles
Matt Coles

Matt has combined his love of digital marketing with all things Imbue, using his professional skill set to share his newfound passion for beautifully scented body sprays.

Kinney Craig
Kinnersley Craig
Mad Scientist

Kinney is a maverick maker of many things; a professional tinkerer who has turned his attention to the world of rose water and essential oils.

Tara Rimmer
Tara Rimmer
Scent Connoisseur

Tara has many years of experience working with aromatherapy… and shoes. And who doesn’t love both?!