10 Famous People Who Use Rose Water: Celebrities, Queens and Icons

Cleopatra used rose water?

Rose water is without question the world’s oldest beauty secret. The floral elixir has been used for centuries in treating dermatological conditions, healing wounds and beautifying the skin with its cell-replenishing, naturally astringent and nourishing properties. There’s not a continent without some form of tradition in using rose water throughout its history of health and beauty.

In having enjoyed such a fantastic and far-spanning history, rose water has naturally come to be used by a considerable number of beauty icons, health enthusiasts and style gurus throughout the years. From Cleopatra’s ancient skin care routine to Angelina Jolie’s favourite health drink; here are the famous people who have relished the health benefits of rose water.  

Jennifer Aniston

One of many beauty secrets revealed by Aniston’s stylist Kara Yoshimoto Bua includes that of using a rose water spritzer as a primer before applying make up. Bua claims she uses this technique on the Friends-stars face all the time as it helps give her skin a firm texture and flawless appearance. Using rose water on the face pre-makeup is also great because it helps set the foundation, says Bua.

Jennifer Aniston

Angelina Jolie

The actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie has, just like Michelangelo, been known to use rose water for purposes other than skin care. Jolie enjoys drinking a refreshing cup of rose water after dinner - preferably made from Bosnian roses. In an interview with The Telegraph, the Hollywood icon reportedly said it was her favourite drink.


The iconic ruler of Ancient Egypt was known for many things; her fierce intelligence, dramatic political reign, love affair with Julius Ceasar and - of course - her stunning beauty; the subject of which has inspired countless odes and artworks. Though preoccupied with the challenging role of overseeing the Egyptian Empire, Cleopatra still put aside time for a luxuriously lavish and elaborate beauty regime.

Perfume and makeup was worn by almost everyone in Ancient Egypt, as good hygiene and beautification rituals were considered the mark of civilized society. Naturally, Cleopatra had the most rare and expensive ingredients at her hands when undertaking her daily beauty routine. Using a range of ointments made from frankincense, cedarwood, saffron and flower petals, she moisturized and exfoliated her skin. Her perfumes, meanwhile, were made from salves and scrubs featuring juniper berries and lavender oil.

Cleopatra’s biggest beauty secret of all, however, could be found in the sweetly scented wonders of rose water. Cleopatra used the floral liquid when bathing and washing her face to help maintain her young and smooth complexion. The Egyptian ruler was known to love the scent and sight of fresh roses, going as far as to cover her palace and bedroom floors inches deep in rose petals.

Queen Victoria

The British have always loved roses. The flower has been a staple of the English garden and a centrepiece at British tea rooms for the past few centuries. During Queen Victoria’s reign in 19th century Britain, scented gloves became a popular fad. The gloves would be soaked or embalmed with essential oils and distilled liquids such as rose water.

Wearing them, as Queen Victoria often did, helped keep the skin soft and pleasantly perfumed. The Queen was not only the ultimate representative of the throne - she was the face of sophisticated femininity, and what better way to demonstrate such a concept than by carrying the nation’s favourite fragrance with her everywhere she went?

Vivien Leigh

The classic Hollywood starlet Vivien Leigh will always be remembered for her spellbounding performances and stunning beauty. This legend of the screen was said to be fond of regular facial treatments and consulted the famous skin beautician Madame Lubatti in helping maintain her skin’s youthful complexion.

Vivien Leigh

Lubatti, who was known to treat English royalty, offered her clients some signature hand-mixed lotions made from a range of softening and aromatic oils. Rose water was a commonly used ingredients in her skin-nourishing concoctions, and very likely to have graced Vivien Leigh’s face during the heydays of her glamour and fame.

Halle Berry

Yet another advocate of the rose water facial mist, stylish Bond girl and Catwoman Halle Berry should have her beauty advice taken seriously considering her flawless skin and youthful looks. Berry stresses the importance of keeping one’s skin clean and healthy in order to achieve that vibrant glow. "When you take care of your skin, you have a nice, beautiful palette to put makeup onto," Berry says.

"You can actually get away with wearing less when you've got a good palette to start with. I find that the makeup goes on better, lasts longer, and wears better." The actress uses a rose water facial spray to hydrate her skin before applying makeup, or for when she needs a rejuvenating mid-day spritz. “Even if I don't have any makeup on it's really refreshing. It makes my skin glow,” says Berry, who reportedly always keeps a rose water mist stored in her car.

Cameron Diaz

Acclaimed actress and beauty icon Cameron Diaz isn’t interested in so-called beauty secrets; she willingly shares her every beauty tip with the whole world. The star has a history of promoting body-positivity in her interviews and personal projects, most clearly exemplified in ‘The Body Book’, Diaz’s guide to understanding nutrition, loving oneself and connecting the mind with the body.

Along with a great number of healthy recipes, exercise suggestions and beauty-related feminist musings, the book also offers advice on topics such as skin care. The star’s appreciation of rose water is very apparent - in fact the Body Book website even recommends several natural rose water beauty products while offering a guide on how to make your own rose water toner.

Gwyneth Paltrow

When she’s not acting, Paltrow is focusing her attention on Goop; the actress’ lifestyle company. Based on her own health and beauty philosophy, Paltrow has used Goop to shape a catalogue of high quality, natural and organic products. Frequently featured in Goop’s collection are a range of rose water skin care products, such as uplifting sprays and cleansing toners.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Renee Zellweger

Adored for her iconic take on Bridget Jones, the gorgeous Texan actress Renee Zellweger has gone down in history as a screen legend and blonde bombshell. However few people know that Zellweger suffers from a skin condition which means she often needs special makeup at press events and on set. The skin condition known as rosacea is characterised by redness, flushing and swelling of the face that can spread and worsen over time.

When the condition flares up and becomes particularly noticeable, Zellweger’s stylists use a range of cosmetics to reduce the redness. Products used under these circumstances  include soothing rose water creams and sprays. It is especially important for those suffering from rosacea that their cosmetics be made with natural or medically-certified ingredients, as chemicals and preservatives could aggravate the condition.

Behati Prinsloo

The glamorous Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo follows a strict and meticulous pre-show beauty routine - a single detail of which she has been willing to divulge. Prinsloo claims she likes to spritz rose water on her face when she feels that her skin is getting dry or flaky. The Namibian beauty queen says it helps hydration and functions as a ‘nice pick-me-up’, hence why she always carries a bottle of rose water spray with her on her travels.


The legendary Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo was also known to be fond of rose water - but he didn’t apply it to his skin.

Michelangelo flourished in Florence, Rome and Bologna between the mid-1400s and 1500s, living to the age of eighty-eight - an unusual feat in Renaissance Europe. One can assume Michelangelo took good care of his health.

Amongst the many daily habits recorded by his friends and apprentices, it was noted that  Michelangelo enjoyed rose water in his cup of tea each morning. Whether he correctly suspected its health boosting effects, or whether he simply found the taste refreshing - rose water was a daily proponent of Michelangelo’s diet.