10 Creative Ways to Use Roses on Valentine’s Day

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The rose; a universal and historic symbol of love. From ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to ‘Beauty and the Beast’, the divinely scented flower features in love stories as a representation of passion and sensuality. It’s easy to see why a bouquet of roses makes for such a popular gift on Valentine’s Day, but one shouldn’t overlook some less conventional but equally romantic ways of presenting the flower. Make Valentine’s Day that extra bit special for your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse with some of the following rose-related ideas!

Rose of a different colour

Natural roses come in a diverse number of pretty colours - from cheery yellow, orange and peach to sensual shades of pink, red and purple. There are, however, some colours you won’t see in natural roses. But just because they don’t occur naturally doesn’t mean you can’t get hold of them. With a bit of water-based dye, you can colour a white rose any shade you want - or multiple shades, for a fantastic rainbow effect!

Quite simply; add a few drops of food colouring to a glass (or different food colourings to several glasses, if making a rainbow rose) and split the white rose’s stem in such a way that it can be dipped in however many glasses you are using. Next, wait a few hours for the colour to be absorbed into the petals. After a couple of days, you can present your significant other with roses in their favourite colour!

Coloured Roses

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Rose petals around the home

Create a romantic pathway by forming a trail of scattered rose petals along the floor and into the bedroom or dining area. Alternatively, spell out your love in a message, or form a heart shape on the bed using only petals. For a truly luxurious effect, cover every inch of the floor in a lusciously thick layer of rose petals. It won’t be fun to tidy up - but it will look amazing, and your effort is sure to impress!

Rose water drinks

Did you know that you can drink rose water? Besides tasting heavenly, rose water can have amazing health benefits. It is said to help with stress, inflammation and indigestion. The petals contain tons of vitamins and antioxidants, so it’s not surprising that one feels invigorated after just a few sips of delicious rose water. You could also use the rose water to make tea, or mix it into a cocktail.

To make your own rose water, simply remove the petals from a fresh Damascus rose and then wash them thoroughly. Next, place the petals in a pot with clean water. The less water, the stronger the flavour of your rose water. Place a lid over the pot and gently heat the water - make sure it doesn’t boil. After around twenty minutes, you’ll see that the petals are paler. As you pour the water into a jar, use a straIner to catch the petals. Place the rose water in the fridge and drink when cool.

Flower pressing art

Preserve a beautiful rose in a decorative way with the ancient art of flower pressing. Pressed roses or rose petals can be framed or included in a card or notebook. You’ll need a wooden flower press with tightening bolts, some clear paper, and - of course - a fresh rose. Once pressed between the wooden blocks, you should leave the rose or rose petals for two to three weeks before laminating or encasing it.

Turkish Delight candy

The gel-based confectionary known as Turkish Delight is closely associated with seduction and indulgence, due to its rich texture and rose flavour. Usually coated in icing powder, coconut or chocolate - these tasty sweets are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Turkish Delight

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Rose water bath

Rose water is just as wonderful to use on your skin as it is for you to drink. Indeed, rose water has historically been used in skin recovery treatment because of its healing and soothing properties. Full of nourishing and skin-loving Vitamin E, rose water is the perfect addition to a romantic bath on Valentine’s Day. Pour in a dash of the rose water along with some petals that will look decorative floating on top. Alternatively, use a rose bath bomb that will fill the bath with pretty colours and a gorgeous rose fragrance.

Rose candles and incense

The scent of roses always sets the mood for romance. Enhance the atmosphere of your Valentine’s Day date with a mixture of natural roses, rose-scented candles and incense. You can place these on the dinner table, beside the bed or along the bathtub. For your own perfume, use a rose water body mist on your skin or over your clothes for a subtle but irresistible allure.

Rose-themed home spa

Treat yourself and your partner to a relaxing home spa day with a range of rose-related health and beauty products. Rose oil can be used for massages, while rose water facial treatments and exfoliators will pamper and refresh you. Don’t forgot to incorporate romantic music and plenty of candles for your tranquil home spa.

Rose petal potpourri

Make your own aromatic and pretty potpourri. Gather rose petals along with flowers, roots, leaves and woods of your choice. Keep in mind that once dried, the ingredients will shrink to about a fourth of their size. Line the ingredients on a paper sheet or wire screen and place them somewhere with good air circulation. The ingredients need to dry for about a week, and you might want to toss them occasionally.

When the ingredients are crisp to the touch, place them together in an airtight container and pour over a few drops of essential rose oil plus any spices or herbs you want to include. Mix these gently before closing the lid and leaving the ingredients in a cool, dark place for another couple of weeks. Making your own potpourri certainly requires some preparation, but is a fun project and makes for a romantic gift.

Dried roses

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Rose-themed jewelry

Like with all living things, the rose and its beauty fades. To symbolize your love with a gift your partner can carry with them for a longer period of time; consider presenting them instead with a piece of rose-themed jewelry. A rose locket or brooch will capture the sentiment of your gift for years to come.

The are plenty of creative ways in which you can use roses on Valentine’s Day; whether it be for decoration, personal beautification or gift giving. There’s something so very appropriate about celebrating the most romantic day of the year with the most beautiful flower in the world; a thought your partner is sure to appreciate.

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