Natural Health & Beauty Gifts for a Relaxing Mother's Day

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Most of us truly enjoy an opportunity to treat our Mothers. There’s nothing like giving back to the woman whose hard work we took for granted most of our childhood. Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is not always a straightforward process. What do you get the Mother who deserves guilt-free pampering and peace? How do you spoil the eco-conscious Mother who likes to live green?

Go that extra mile in showing your love with something she’ll truly appreciate and treasure - perhaps one the following eco-friendly and relaxing Mother’s Day gifts?

Organic Fair Trade Chocolates

While everyone loves receiving a box of delicious chocolate delights on a special occasion, there’s something about chocolate that is so specifically tied to Mothers. Maybe the reason lies in how chocolate - especially of the dark variety - has been proven to reduces stress levels, lower blood pressure and release serotonin. If anyone can benefit from that kind of effect, it’s a hard-working Mother. Fortunately, high-quality Fair Trade chocolate is easy to find - and usually free from the nasty stuff present in cheaper chocolates. So treat your Mother to the gift of rich, organic chocolate which supports ethical farming practises and fair wages.

Fair Trade Chocolates

Beeswax Candles

No home spa is complete with the soothing ambience that scented candles bring to the room. Unfortunately, the most common types of candles you’ll find in stores are made from soy and paraffin and, as such, are less than eco-friendly.

Paraffin candles come from non-renewable sources and, while they clearly don’t produce as much pollution as cars or factories, will release harmful byproducts that damage the environment when burned.

An eco-friendly alternative is the beeswax candle which, although more expensive, is completely natural, environmental-friendly and biodegradable. These candles also last longer while emitting a stronger, more striking illumination. What else? You guessed it...the scent is divine! Try Lux et Terra, a beeswax and coconut candle with a hemp wick - its natural scents of patchouli, cardamom, rosewood and orange are sure to delight any Mother.

Natural Body Sprays

Made from essential oils and floral extracts such as rose water, body sprays are perfect for the Mother who likes to take care of her skin the natural way. Body sprays can be used both as a perfume or as a refreshing facial mist. In fact, rose water has been used in aromatherapy for centuries because of its ability to induce calmness.

A natural body spray should also be filled with nourishing nutrients such as Vitamin E; an antioxidant which is known to fight wrinkles and ageing spots by replenishing skin cells. If you want to help your Mother achieve tranquility on her day of relaxation, treat her to a gorgeously scented body spray full of purely natural ingredients!

Recyclable Glass Jewelry

The best thing about jewellery made from recyclable glass is that they are so often hand-made, meaning each necklace or set of earrings is totally unique. A variety of recyclable glass is used in this craft, often resulting in colourful jewelry that makes a bold statement - perfect for the Mother who likes to stand out. Furthermore, recyclable glass jewelry is particularly charming because there’s a history behind each item.

Maybe the green glass brooch comes from a bottle of a wine shared among good friends, and maybe the clear glass baubles lining a bracelet derives from what was once someone’s favourite vase. Even when the history is unknown, a piece of jewelry made from recycled glass is something Mothers with a romanticizing tendency will no doubt find captivating.

Alternatively, find someone like AstraeaStudio on Etsy who creates hand-made jewelry made from naturally occurring minerals such as stones, crystals and gems. Not only will such a gift be one-of-a-kind, you can also choose the jewelry based on your Mother’s personality. 

AstraeaStudio - crystals

Natural Bath Bombs

A warm, blissful bubble bath is one of the best ways to relax - something you should encourage your Mother to do on her special day. You can ensure her bubble bath is all the more luxurious with a set of scrumptious bath bombs. Crafted from skin-loving ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate, essential oils and epsom salts; natural bath bombs are both cleansing and uplifting. Couple the bath bomb with a small bottle of rose water, and she’ll have everything she needs for lavish and wholesome bath.

Natural Bath Bombs

Bamboo Bathrobe

You’ll hear many eco-conscious individuals raving about bamboo clothing - and for good reason. Did you know that bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources? The plant grows exceptionally fast and can be completely regenerated without the need for controlled planting.

Bamboo uses less water than many similar plants, and can be harvested sustainably. In other words - bamboo clothing is about the most ethical you can buy. The fabric resembles cotton in its soft and comfortable texture, yet is more versatile and durable - so why not keep you Mother feeling warm and pampered with a bamboo bathrobe this Mother’s Day?

Solar Powered Light Jars

These solar energy-harvesting lamps make for lovely gifts - especially to the Mother with a porch or garden, where the lamps can be placed as beautiful decoration and practical illumination at night. They’re long-lasting, highly efficient, environmental friendly and quite simply beautiful. One of these solar jars will allow your Mother to give fairy-like quality to her outdoor patio or backyard - and she’ll appreciate the magic all the more because of its renewable energy source.

Solar Powered Light Jar

Potted Plants or Seeds

There’s a great satisfaction that comes from being resourceful - such as when you grow your own fruits and vegetables. Even if you’re not picking tomatoes and apples from your own yard, it feels amazing to look out over a rich and blossoming garden knowing that you’re the one behind each tulip and rose bush.

Any Mother with a fondness for tending to plants will know that feeling, and appreciate anything you can contribute to her gardening efforts. Present her with a mixture of seeds or some potted flowers as a gift, and you’re guaranteed to add joy to her day. Besides, May is a great time to start planting!

Driftwood Decorations

With the frightening effects of deforestation threatening the Earth, it’s not surprising that  some of us feel guilty for purchasing shiny new IKEA furniture when reclaimed lumber could have done the job. Driftwood is one material that your Mother can introduce into her home with a clear conscience - and there are so many ways that it can be used for aesthetic and practical purposes.

Driftwood Art
Frames, coasters, candle holders, boxes, wall-mounted coat hangers and much more - no matter what you driftwood gift you choose for your Mother, you can be sure she’ll love the wonderfully characteristic nature of a handcrafted item straight from the sea.

If you have time to prepare something extra special for Mother’s Day, you could express your gratitude for her with a gift basket containing a little bit of everything she might want for a totally relaxing and pampering Mother’s Day.

If you’re short for time, you can still show your support for her green lifestyle with a gift card to her favourite eco-friendly fashion, household or food store.  No matter what you settle on, it’s the thought that counts - and gifts that are sustainably sourced, eco-friendly and natural will show exactly how thoughtful you are.
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How to Unwind After a Long and Stressful Day

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There’s nothing worse than ploughing through a stressful, demanding day which leaves you drained of all energy. Finding ways to relax after hours of hectic errands or emotional turmoil isn’t easy - but being able to unwind at the end of the day is essential for mental and physical health. From colouring books to DIY facial treatments, here are some of the best ways to relax and improve your mood when you’re feeling tired, stressed or irritated.

Do some light exercise

Take a stroll outside, along a scenic or peaceful path. Or sit in the forest and be among the trees. The fresh air will help clear your head and the time alone will give you an opportunity to collect your thoughts and reflect over the day. If the weather’s bad, do some light exercise indoors instead. Just ten minutes of yoga and stretching can relieve tension in your muscles and leave you feeling revived and relaxed.

 Mountains - Joseph Young

Image source

Turn off your phone

...and any other communicative devices, for that matter! We’re so used to regularly checking emails, social media and online news that we don’t consider the implications of being constantly plugged into technology. Allow yourself a couple of hours to mentally and literally ‘switch off’ from smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and laptops.

The demand that 24/7 social media puts on us can led to a great amounts of subconscious stress. Studies have also indicated time after time that using electronic devices before bed can interfere with our sleep, as the light from our devices and the content on which we are focusing leaves our brains alert and reluctant to enter ‘sleep mode’. Since the best cure for stress is so often simply a good night’s sleep, let both your mind and your devices recharge for a while!


Whether it’s for a period of calm contemplation, or as a way to clear one’s head and practice mindfulness, there’s no denying that meditation has helped humans disengage and achieve inner peace since ancient times. Play some relaxing background sounds to ease you into a peaceful trance or, if you struggle to reach a meditative state, listen to an instructive tape. Turn your surroundings into a tranquil environment, moving all distractions out of sight and lighting some candles or incense.


Image source

Get into your comfiest clothes or PJs

If you remain in your work clothes, you remain in work mode. Throwing on warm, comfy PJs can function as a mental trick; a reminder that you are putting the day behind you. A fluffy pair of slippers doesn’t hurt, either.

Enjoy a warm bubble bath

Treat yourself to a nourishing and therapeutic soak in the bathtub. Soften and scent your skin by pouring a little natural floral water into the tub, and give your eyes a rest by covering them with a mask or a couple of chilled cucumber slices. To make your bubble bath even more relaxing, dim the lighting and create a comforting ambience with some aromatic candles.

Freshen up with aromatherapy

Rather than pop another painkiller for that headache, see what natural remedies can do for your mental and physical health. Certain scents, such as that of natural rose and lavender, are known to induce calmness. Massaging essential oils into muscles will help relax your body, whilst spraying a natural floral body mist over your face will instantly leave you feeling revitalized.

You can also make a cooling facial mask from everyday ingredients such as avocado, banana, honey and milk. Chill the mixture in your fridge for an hour to make for an especially soothing application. An exfoliator refreshes your skin be removing dead cells, so it’s a particularly suitable treatment for when you’re in need of livening up. You can make your own exfoliating scrub with some coconut oil and brown sugar.

Play your favourite music

Relaxing music doesn’t just mean music that is ambient, classical or acoustic in nature. Any music which enhances your mood can be described as relaxing, whether it’s upbeat jazz or hard rock.

Songs have a powerful ability to provoke memories and feelings - we strongly associate sounds with certain sensations - so one way to unwind is through playing music that reminds  you of times you’ve felt happy, relaxed and empowered. Studies show that listening to our favourite music increases dopamine (the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure) - so keep a good playlist handy for times when you’re feeling stressed out.

Call a friend or loved one

When we’re emotional or overwhelmed, we can forget to take a step back and put things in perspective. Talk to a trusted friend or family member who can help you arrange your thoughts and rationalize. They might even provide you with some insight or useful advice that you had not considered, helping you deal with the stress at hand.

In either case, it always feels good to get things off your chest after a long, busy day. If you’d rather avoid talking about the source of your negative emotion, then let your friend or family member help take your mind off things with a conversation about something fun and trivial.

Spend time with your pet

Studies have indicated that spending time with animals works wonders in relaxing humans, helping alleviate depression and feelings of loneliness whilst also lowering blood pressure. Simply talking or playing with your pet can increase serotonin and dopamine. Activities such as walking your dog or cuddling your cat will also help you relax as you focus your attention on something socially rewarding.

 Dog - Sebastian Molina

Image source

Do something creative

When you’re looking for a stress-free distraction, doing something creative is an excellent way to unwind. Whether it’s water colour painting, colouring in book or knitting project - a repetitive task which results in an artistic creation can be immensely relaxing - not to mention rewarding!

Cosy up with a warm drink and book

Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate or herbal tea, cosy up in an armchair or sofa and indulge in the mental retreat that is getting lost in a good book. According to The New Yorker, “Reading has been shown to put our brains into a pleasurable trance-like state, similar to meditation, and it brings the same health benefits of deep relaxation and inner calm. Regular readers sleep better, have lower stress levels, higher self-esteem, and lower rates of depression than non-readers.” In other words, some enthralling fiction and a warm beverage sounds like a winning combination, right?

Get an early night!

Things always seem better after a good night’s sleep. You might feel overwhelmed in the moment, but a minimum of eight hours sleep will put you back on track and at peak performance once again. 

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10 Creative Ways to Use Roses on Valentine’s Day

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The rose; a universal and historic symbol of love. From ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to ‘Beauty and the Beast’, the divinely scented flower features in love stories as a representation of passion and sensuality. It’s easy to see why a bouquet of roses makes for such a popular gift on Valentine’s Day, but one shouldn’t overlook some less conventional but equally romantic ways of presenting the flower. Make Valentine’s Day that extra bit special for your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse with some of the following rose-related ideas!

Rose of a different colour

Natural roses come in a diverse number of pretty colours - from cheery yellow, orange and peach to sensual shades of pink, red and purple. There are, however, some colours you won’t see in natural roses. But just because they don’t occur naturally doesn’t mean you can’t get hold of them. With a bit of water-based dye, you can colour a white rose any shade you want - or multiple shades, for a fantastic rainbow effect!

Quite simply; add a few drops of food colouring to a glass (or different food colourings to several glasses, if making a rainbow rose) and split the white rose’s stem in such a way that it can be dipped in however many glasses you are using. Next, wait a few hours for the colour to be absorbed into the petals. After a couple of days, you can present your significant other with roses in their favourite colour!

Coloured Roses

Image source

Rose petals around the home

Create a romantic pathway by forming a trail of scattered rose petals along the floor and into the bedroom or dining area. Alternatively, spell out your love in a message, or form a heart shape on the bed using only petals. For a truly luxurious effect, cover every inch of the floor in a lusciously thick layer of rose petals. It won’t be fun to tidy up - but it will look amazing, and your effort is sure to impress!

Rose water drinks

Did you know that you can drink rose water? Besides tasting heavenly, rose water can have amazing health benefits. It is said to help with stress, inflammation and indigestion. The petals contain tons of vitamins and antioxidants, so it’s not surprising that one feels invigorated after just a few sips of delicious rose water. You could also use the rose water to make tea, or mix it into a cocktail.

To make your own rose water, simply remove the petals from a fresh Damascus rose and then wash them thoroughly. Next, place the petals in a pot with clean water. The less water, the stronger the flavour of your rose water. Place a lid over the pot and gently heat the water - make sure it doesn’t boil. After around twenty minutes, you’ll see that the petals are paler. As you pour the water into a jar, use a straIner to catch the petals. Place the rose water in the fridge and drink when cool.

Flower pressing art

Preserve a beautiful rose in a decorative way with the ancient art of flower pressing. Pressed roses or rose petals can be framed or included in a card or notebook. You’ll need a wooden flower press with tightening bolts, some clear paper, and - of course - a fresh rose. Once pressed between the wooden blocks, you should leave the rose or rose petals for two to three weeks before laminating or encasing it.

Turkish Delight candy

The gel-based confectionary known as Turkish Delight is closely associated with seduction and indulgence, due to its rich texture and rose flavour. Usually coated in icing powder, coconut or chocolate - these tasty sweets are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Turkish Delight

Image source

Rose water bath

Rose water is just as wonderful to use on your skin as it is for you to drink. Indeed, rose water has historically been used in skin recovery treatment because of its healing and soothing properties. Full of nourishing and skin-loving Vitamin E, rose water is the perfect addition to a romantic bath on Valentine’s Day. Pour in a dash of the rose water along with some petals that will look decorative floating on top. Alternatively, use a rose bath bomb that will fill the bath with pretty colours and a gorgeous rose fragrance.

Rose candles and incense

The scent of roses always sets the mood for romance. Enhance the atmosphere of your Valentine’s Day date with a mixture of natural roses, rose-scented candles and incense. You can place these on the dinner table, beside the bed or along the bathtub. For your own perfume, use a rose water body mist on your skin or over your clothes for a subtle but irresistible allure.

Rose-themed home spa

Treat yourself and your partner to a relaxing home spa day with a range of rose-related health and beauty products. Rose oil can be used for massages, while rose water facial treatments and exfoliators will pamper and refresh you. Don’t forgot to incorporate romantic music and plenty of candles for your tranquil home spa.

Rose petal potpourri

Make your own aromatic and pretty potpourri. Gather rose petals along with flowers, roots, leaves and woods of your choice. Keep in mind that once dried, the ingredients will shrink to about a fourth of their size. Line the ingredients on a paper sheet or wire screen and place them somewhere with good air circulation. The ingredients need to dry for about a week, and you might want to toss them occasionally.

When the ingredients are crisp to the touch, place them together in an airtight container and pour over a few drops of essential rose oil plus any spices or herbs you want to include. Mix these gently before closing the lid and leaving the ingredients in a cool, dark place for another couple of weeks. Making your own potpourri certainly requires some preparation, but is a fun project and makes for a romantic gift.

Dried roses

Image source

Rose-themed jewelry

Like with all living things, the rose and its beauty fades. To symbolize your love with a gift your partner can carry with them for a longer period of time; consider presenting them instead with a piece of rose-themed jewelry. A rose locket or brooch will capture the sentiment of your gift for years to come.

The are plenty of creative ways in which you can use roses on Valentine’s Day; whether it be for decoration, personal beautification or gift giving. There’s something so very appropriate about celebrating the most romantic day of the year with the most beautiful flower in the world; a thought your partner is sure to appreciate.

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Time-Tested, Natural Secrets for Perfect Winter Skin

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Nobody wants to turn up to a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with red, inflamed skin. You want it looking as fresh as the winter wonderland outside but with the warm glow more reminiscent of the cheer indoors.

Just like you protect your skin from sunshine and heat in the summer you need to take preventative measures against skin damage during the winter. There are plenty of simple and affordable skin care routines to keep your skin hydrated, soft and glowing throughout the cold season and a rose water body spray is essential.

Here are a few others:

Aloe-Infused Tissues

You know that painful raw skin you get around your nostrils from frequent nose blowing?

Aloe and Vitamin E-infused tissues are lightly infused with a gentle balm that reduces the irritation caused by normal tissue paper.

Some facial tissues even have a faint minty scent which helps unblock your sinuses. After using the tissues dab a non-clogging body lotion on the sensitive skin around your nose.

Soothe and Moisturize with Rose Water

When moisturizing your body use natural skin care products with nourishing ingredients instead of chemicals and artificial junk. Look for Vitamin E in particular as this anti-oxidizing oil invigorates the skin and fight off aging.

There are numerous health benefits from beauty products that contain rose water. Rose water has both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that hydrate your skin.

You can use a rose water mist in the morning and freshen up before bed by applying some rose water to your face.

Choose Natural Over Chemical

Be careful with your winter facial care products. A think cream or gel will result in product build-up on your skin.

Clay-based products, for example, are counter-productive because they draw moisture out of your skin.

What you want is an natural skin care product that blocks out the winter elements without clogging your pores.

Essential Oils are Essential

Treat consistently problematic areas with essential oils. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that fights acne; lavender oil is known to soothe irritated skin.

An essential oil body mist is a daily must or else simply dab some of the oil on a cotton swab and hold it against any blemishes on your skin for a few seconds.

Make Your Own Face Masks

Personalizing a natural and hydrating facial treatment to apply for 10-20 minutes twice a week can go a long way in keeping your skin nourished throughout the winter.

Honey is a natural antibacterial with intense moisturizing effects that will leave your skin with a gorgeous glow. Raw honey has long been known for its effectiveness in treating acne and eczema so make sure to include a couple tablespoons of the stuff!

Avocado contains oils similar to the natural oils that the human body produces and restores and reinvigorate the skin for a healthy glow.

Dermatologists would encourage you to use ripe bananas in a face mask as they contain not only heaps of potassium but Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Aloe vera gel is a common ingredient in beauty products for dry skin and olive oil, similarly, is known for its hydrating properties. Include one of the two ingredients in your face mask for shimmering results.

Finally, add a little rose water which will function as a cleanser to remove the oils and dirt accumulated in your pores. If you want the face mask to double up as an exfoliator, pour in a little brown sugar or ground coffee.

Turn the Temperature Down

Try cutting down the number of blistering showers you take - or at least turn down the temperature a bit – to avoid drying out your skin and hair.

When you take a bath sprinkle a little baking soda into the water as it has detoxifying effects on the skin. Adding coconut oil will also help soften your skin; adding oatmeal will help treat itchy or irritated skin.

Shaving too much, especially during the winter months, will cause your skin to dry out and get irritated. If you really must shave use a moisturizing shaving gel as well as a clean, sharp razor.

Shaving should be the last thing you do in the bath as you want to give the water time to soften your follicles. Afterwards use a gentle body butter or spray natural rose water to soothe irritated skin.

Exfoliate and Hydrate Lips

Every time we lick our lips or take a sip of something, we wet our lips with moisture that is then exposed to the cold and can cause cracks, cuts or dryness. Use a natural balm (we love the Hurraw! Balms) to protect your lips from drying out and remove dead skin from your lips with an exfoliating and organic skin care product such as a natural lip scrub.

You can make your own lip scrub quite easily and give it a festive twist too. Mash together coconut oil, brown sugar and peppermint for a candy cane lip scrub. Alternatively, mix sugar, cinnamon, orange zest and butter together for a luscious scrub enriched with Vitamin C and jubilant flavours.

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Imbue Goods: 1 Month, 6 Stores, 3 Reviews, 1 Charity Auction

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Open For Business

It’s been quite the month to say the least. We’ve been so busy since we launched the store on October 21 that we haven’t had any time to post any updates. We’d like to thank all of our friends, family and supporters for buying our rose water sprays and providing us with such positive feedback on our products. It makes us extremely proud of what we’re doing and what we’ve accomplished to date.


We’re excited to announce that Imbue body mists and facial sprays are available in 6 stores and we're working on adding more. You can purchase your favourite Imbue face and body sprays at the following shops: Hunter and Hare (Vancouver - Union St location), Mille Fiori Spa (Victoria), Thorn & Thistle (Victoria), Art Parts Film Services (Vancouver), Escape Travel Wear (North Vancouver) and Solace Wellness Centre (Nanaimo). And, we’re also part of a fantastic “Local Ish” gift box which is available online at Thorn & Thistle.

Blog On

We’ve also been featured by 3 Canadian beauty bloggers and have received glowing product reviews. Feel free to check out the full blog posts at Blush Stops HereLiving Disrobed and Alison-Elle. Also, be sure to check out @LivingDisrobed on Instagram for a giveaway of a Full Set of our Rose Water body mists.

For A Good Cause

Finally, we were very proud to participate in a charity event hosted by Cadence Cycling Studio, Movement108 and RYU Apparel Inc. to raise money and awareness to support Wounded Warriors Canada.

Wounded Warriors Canada is a non-profit organization whose goal is to honour and support Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families.

There were many other great local sponsors who contributed in making the event a success. The event raised over $1700 and we were thrilled to participate in such a wonderful event.


Lastly, please remember that we’re still running the 20% promo all November with promo code “FBNOVEMBER”.

We're also offering Free Shipping for the ENTIRE month of December.

And, keep an eye out for more reviews and fantastic giveaways from some of our friends. We’ll be posting all of the details on our social media accounts so be sure to follow us and stay in the loop. Stay tuned.

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