1. Organized people are always seeking life facilitating instruments

Organized people find useful instruments, from kitchen timer to different smartphone applications, which help to do more in a day, week, month and even a year.

For example, they use pop-up reminders in order not to forget the most important things. They use timer to regulate their time effectively. They can divide one great task in several small ones and do not forget about short break importance. Due to it they work more productively and to a good quality.

2. Organized people set priorities

Organized people are not those who have dim idea about coming work and cannot decide how to start. An organized person always knows what is important at this moment, he has a neat plan of work which he can correct if need be.

Organized people can set priorities and know if the matter requires haste or no.

3. Organized people know their capabilities

Organized people are always abreast of their capabilities and prospects. They know their merits and demerits, know which tasks they can fulfill immediately and which ones require time.

They do not diffuse efforts on what is known useless. They take up only what they are able to do and do well.

4. Organized people choose simple decisions

Organized people are always looking for simple decisions and instruments which will help them to cope with tasks in hand.

Plainness is one of the basic principles of self-discipline. Organized people try to find simple decisions in everything: in work tasks, in domestic cares, and in all spheres of life.

5. Organized people know that it is impossible to be organized only sometimes

A gifted person is said to be gifted in everything. The same thing can be said about a truly organized man.

They know how it is important to refine themselves permanently. It is impossible to be organized only sometimes. It is like training: if you do not do physical exercises regularly, soon you will get out of shape.

Organized people always have time to clean their house and put everything on their places. They find some minutes to delete unnecessary e-mail messages or sort out paper debris on desk.

They do not go soft. Even returned home after hard working day, they do not throw cloths negligently, but hang it nattily in the wardrobe. They do not use favorite excuse of millions of people, “Today I fly the white feather, but tomorrow surely I will do everything as it should be”.

Organized people know that everything must be well-done at once. It is much quicker than correcting mistakes later.

6. Organized people regularly free themselves from unnecessary things

Circumstances are always changing. Things which are necessary today may become needless tomorrow. Organized people do not store up junk – they dispose of it.

They throw away unnecessary things from home, delete outdated messages from e-mail box, do not keep materials on completed or suspended projects in plain view.

7. Organized people are always future-oriented

Organized people always think about future and try to do maximum in presence to make future as better as possible. They can allow all risks and know why laziness and once-over-fightly at the moment is dangerous. They plan activities and attack any problem prepared.

Organized people always ask themselves, “What can I do now in order to be more successful in the future?”

And do you consider yourself to be an organized person?